Elbe Valley

If you live in Dresden or close to the city, you don’t even need to go away during the holidays. After all, you have everything that makes for a relaxing yet adventurous holiday right outside your front door, from stunning landscapes to unmissable sights and culture. Nature and art lovers alike will get more than their money’s worth here.

And of course, the exceptional beauty of the Elbe Valley that runs through Dresden and Radebeul also holds a very strong attraction for property buyers. For many people, centres of historical importance such as Meissen and Moritzburg or small towns and villages nestled amid the picturesque backdrop of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains represent the opportunity to fulfil their dream of owning their own residential property or holiday home. As experienced real estate agents, who are deeply rooted in the area, Pentagon Immobilien has intimate knowledge of the local real estate market.

Meissen – more than just porcelain

Over 1,000 years old, the city of Meissen is known for its medieval skyline, fine porcelain and the wine-growing landscape of the Elbe Valley. The picturesque city on the banks of the Elbe harbours a wealth of attractions, which are among the best tourist highlights in the Free State of Saxony. Visitors are equally as charmed by the medieval city centre’s narrow, winding streets, lovingly renovated houses and leafy back courtyards as they are by the city’s historic gems. Built between 1471 and 1524 in a Late Gothic style, the Albrechtsburg castle is regarded as the oldest castle to be used as a royal residence in the German-speaking world. Today, the former royal residence is used as a museum and is just as popular as the cathedral next door, where the adjoining Prince’s Chapel is one of the most famous burial sites of the House of Wettin. On the other hand, nature lovers can’t fail to be impressed by the scenic beauty of Meissen. The Elbe Cycle Route is another popular getaway destination, as are trips along the river with the “Saxony Steamboat Tours”, the largest fleet of steamboats in Europe.

Relaxation in the Moritzburg lakelands

Historic cultural monuments and idyllic nature can also be found in Moritzburg, one of the most attractive local recreation areas, holiday spots and day trip destinations in all of Saxony. Just a short distance from Dresden, the town boasts a baroque hunting lodge that forms the centre of this unique landscape of lakes and forests. Today, the castle is considered one of the most important and beautiful examples of baroque architecture in the Saxony region. The Little Pheasant Castle (“Fasanenschlösschen”), built in a late Dresden rococo style, lies just a short romantic stroll away from the baroque castle. This impressive ensemble is completed by the neighbouring Pheasant Gardens and the miniature harbour with Germany’s oldest inland lighthouse. Moritzburg is also famous for its history of horse breeding. The Saxon stud farm is housed in the former hunting stables of the House of Wettin. Every year, thousands of horse lovers make a pilgrimage to Moritzburg to attend the annual stallion parade. 

Saxon Switzerland – unparalleled natural wonder

Saxon Switzerland boasts a unique blend of lush green forests, hilly landscapes, picturesque cliff formations and deep ravines and valleys. In this landscape, people of all ages can enjoy a huge variety of outdoor activities – gentle cycling or demanding bike tours, hiking, rock climbing, water, winter or motorsports. Whatever you decide to do, you will get a breathtaking panorama thrown in on top. Nestled in amongst the spectacular natural landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains lie opulent palaces, castles shrouded in legend and picturesque gardens that you cannot afford to miss out on!

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