Since Pentagon Immobilien was first founded nearly 30 years ago, we have been on hand to support our clients from our office in Radebeul on the outskirts of Dresden. From this position, we have not only witnessed the development of one of the most sought-after areas for real estate ownership in Saxony and the new states of former East Germany first-hand, but what’s more, we have played a key role in shaping this change.

Radebeul – attractive garden town

Seen from the Elbe River, the sloping vineyards of Radebeul on the outskirts of Dresden are a particularly beloved sight for many people. Karl May’s famous Wild West tales and the local wine trade have meant that Radebeul already made a name for itself far beyond the town walls a very long time ago. And both of these aspects have not lost any of their appeal today. On the contrary – for decades, children have been drawn to the “Villa Shatterhand”, first opened as the Karl May Museum in 1928, and to the log cabin “Villa Bärenfett”, where they can marvel at the unique ethnographic exhibition, while their parents happily enjoy a delicious glass of Radebeul wine.

Small and big city beauties

Author & source: www.radebeul.de (only available in German)

At the heart of Saxony’s Wine Route

Radebeul is at the heart of Saxony’s Wine Route – nestled against the spectacular steep vineyard-covered slopes of Lößnitz and stretching all the way to the flood plains of the River Elbe. Wine-lovers can pay a visit to the Saxony Wine-Growing Museum Hoflößnitz or the Saxony State Winery Schloss Wackerbarth, take a stroll through the vineyards and discover small wine-growing estates where visitors can indulge in a drop of delectable fine wine. The first documents referencing wine-growing in Radebeul can be traced back to the year 1271. Many of the wine-grower’s houses are also testament to this long history, some of which date back to the Baroque period, while others are built from the characteristic local red syenite stone or in a half-timbered style.

The townscape of Radebeul is marked by plenty of green spaces, an abundance of architecturally remarkable and elaborately restored buildings not to mention art and culture. With its eight historical village centres, the wine, villa and garden town is also known as the “Nice of Saxony” due to its attractive location and it has long been one of the most popular and exclusive residential neighbourhoods in the Dresden area.

Not least thanks to almost 30 years of activity on the part of Pentagon Immobilien as a local real estate agent, have both the historic village green and private properties been lovingly restored in recent years. New residential neighbourhoods have sprung up in many places, blending in seamlessly with the picturesque landscape.

Outstanding infrastructure

Not only does Radebeul offer visitors a considerable list of sights and historic buildings, it is also a modern hub for business with a very well-developed infrastructure. Numerous businesses in sectors as diverse as mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and natural medicine, wine-growing, food and luxury food, communication technology, retail and arts and crafts, service, tourism and recreation are all based here. Today, Radebeul is a large district town and the most densely populated town in the Meissen district. It is part of the wider Dresden metropolitan area alongside Pirna, Freital and Meissen.

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