All-inclusive service package for sellers

Rundum-Service für VerkäuferWhen you sell your property with Pentagon Immobilien you will benefit from a unique all-inclusive property sales service package that leaves no question unanswered.

From the first consultation session when you can express your intention to sell, to thorough property evaluations in line with market requirements, all the way to professional property presentation, finding a buyer and managing the sale, we are by your side as your personal partner in every phase of the process.

Pentagon Immobilien also offers its property sellers a very special “old for new” swap service – we buy your property, help you as a seller to find a new home that fits with your wishes and needs exactly and you can stay in your “old” property right up until the move into your new home has been completed. This saves you having to make temporary moves, additional costs and, of course, a huge amount of stress.

If an exchange is out of the question for you, then we will be happy to buy for our own portfolio at market prices.

It is our promise and our aim to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your property and to obtain the best possible price for you. So you can feel satisfied with the sale and turn your attention to new projects with a clear conscience.

Pentagon Immobilien Radebeul