Floor plan/site measurement

In addition to professional property photos informative, reliable and high-quality property presentations also need to include accurate floor plans. For many prospective property buyers, informative floor plans are a crucial criteria because, even before a viewing, they can give an impression of room sizes and distribution as well as the layout of windows, doors, plumbing and electrical installations. Incorrect floor plans can cause property owners or landlords a lot of additional expense if the sold or rented property is later found to be smaller than previously thought.

The professional and completely true-to-scale preparation of existing property plans in two-dimensional or even three-dimensional images is therefore included in the Pentagon Immobilien service portfolio. If the existing floor plans are too old or inaccurate, or if they have been lost, we are of course happy to produce a new set of floor plans based on expert measurements of your property. At your request, we can also produce a fully representative 3D image including examples of interior furnishings.

Pentagon Immobilien Radebeul