Floor plan/site measurement

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a property, the size, number and division of the rooms within an apartment or house are decisive criteria. So it’s essential that you, as the owner of a rental property, can offer your potential tenants a precise and true-to-scale floor plan of the property. Furthermore, as the owner and landlord, it’s also important to have an accurate floor plan with correct sizes in square metres so that you can calculate the rent, utilities and services charges properly.

This is why, in addition to our professional property photography service, Pentagon Immobilien also offers to draw up accurate floor plans as an important service in creating a serious, high-quality property presentation in the rental property sector. This includes the professional and true-to-scale processing of already available property blueprints in two-dimensional or even three-dimensional images. If the existing floor plans are too old or inaccurate or if they have been lost, we are of course happy to produce a new set of floor plans. The first step is to have your whole property measured by one of our specialist experts. This data is then converted into a true-to-scale floor plan including all the doors, windows, fittings and extensions as well plumbing and electrical installations. At your request, we can also produce a fully representative 3D image of your rental property including examples of interior furnishings.

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