Tenant finder

There are plenty of prospective tenants, but not all of them are a good match for every rental property. It goes without saying that, as experienced intermediaries in the real estate sector, we are happy to help you find the perfect tenants for your property.

Our database is always kept up to date with the latest rental requests for the Dresden and Radebeul region as well as with priority notices from national and international prospective tenants. Simply enter some of the key data about the property you are renting out in the form below and you can get an initial overview of all the matching applications from potential tenants that would suit your residential property right away. Our tenant finder tool is always kept up to date and is both completely free of cost and commitment for you to use.

Have you already found one or multiple potential tenants for your property? Simply get in touch by calling us or sending an email, so that we can discuss the next steps with you. Our tenant approval system can also provide you with additional assurance when selecting suitable candidates.

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