Commonhold management

There are two options available to you as an apartment owner: you can either use the apartment yourself or you can rent it out to other people. Pentagon Immobilien commonhold management is a reliable service for all apartment owners in Dresden and Radebeul who rent out their properties. But why do you need this service?

As an apartment owner, if you don’t own all the units within an apartment building, you are not only a landlord but also part of a community of owners. The German Act on the Ownership of Apartments differentiates between community, separate and partial ownership. As a general rule, the community of owners tasks a management company, who is only responsible for taking care of the common areas of the property. However, the apartment that you own is classified as property in severalty and you are therefore responsible for taking care of it. As special knowledge is required for the proper management of commonhold property, it is strongly recommended to delegate this task to experienced experts such as Pentagon Immobilien.

In the course of our commonhold property management service, we will – for instance – generate utility bills in a timely and legally compliant manner, we will take care of carrying out all necessary work relating to the proper maintenance of your rental apartment and will settle any issues that may arise with your tenants.

We would be happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting where we can tell you more about our full range of services within the scope of commonhold property management.

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