The best residential locations in Germany 2018

In this issue FOCUS SPEZIAL “The best residential areas in Germany: Real Estate Atlas 2018” you will find everything you need to know about real estate in Germany and find out where you can best buy in the city and in the countryside. The PDF guidebook shows detailed analyzes of Germany’s largest cities, a list of 1000 top brokers and the right choice for your holiday home in Europe.

“If you still want to buy a property, or if you prefer to stay as a tenant, threatening the bubble, and where are the exciting markets, where interesting building projects arise?” FOCUS journalists were traveling all over Germany, the details of the best residential and investment locations The result is 156 pages full of answers so that you can make the right decision, where is the purchase worthwhile, where is the better tenant? The new real estate atlas gives the right answers in the current market. “

[Extract from the website https://pdf.focus.de/focus-immobilienatlas-2018.html]

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